Victoria's Labradors
Victoria Blankenship  580-467-0458 Duncan , OK

We recently lost our black lab to cancer. My husband and I were heart broken and empty. We had spoken with Victoria on several occasions before committing to another puppy . She was very kind and her main concern was the welfare of the baby pups . She was adamant that they go to a good , caring home. When we decided to move forward she kept us completely informed at all stages. The day we came to pick up our puppy , he was shy and so tiny , standing behind his mom (Victoria) . We instantly knew we loved him more than ourselves and we knew our lives would change forever .You could easily tell she was a great puppy mom to all her babies , and has continued to always want updates and pics of her baby puppies as they grow. She'll never know she gave us the greatest gift of all , the love of a dog again. She is a very responsible and thorough breeder , but most of all an amazing person. Anyone would be blessed to receive one of her pups! At 9 months our pup is a stout 90lbs and has a wonderful temperament. He is a natural hunter as well! Love our boy so much ! - Janet with Bud in Oklahoma
Here are some of my wonderful puppy buyers and what they have to say about their additions to the family!
Cali and CC are my favorite girls from Victoria. Their conformation and good lines is what I was looking for . They are super smart and at a year and a half they are taking hand signals and becoming great retrievers. South Louisiana holds some of the harshest hunting conditions and you definitely need a good hunting dog to overcome and find the birds . My girls are so eager and don't leave any birds behind . Thank you and I will get more pups in the future! - Shawn with CC and Cali in Louisiana
Finally found Lady after two month search for the right black Lab puppy. She arrived (Cordova , TN) beautiful and so black it's hard to see her features in photos. My Golden Retriever , Maggie , was beside herself to have a new playmate , and Lady adores Maggie . Lady is really smart , very playful , and  a bit headstrong , so I call her Ladybug most of the time. She's 9 months old and weighs 76 lbs!!! She's not huge , but compact and very STRONG !!! I'm not a hunter so we are working on obedience training , and that does include retrieving . She's very fast and athletic , so we are going to do some agility training when obedience classes end . Lady is a sweet dog , not shy at all , she loves children ,people , and other dogs. She has a lot of energy and a strong will (because she's so bright ) so it's great that we live in the country where she gets lots of exercise . I have to admit that she's chewed up some things , but she's a Lab for heavens sake! Lady has two barks , the high pitched voice means I want something. The low bark means something or someone is out there. So , we'll be adding watchdog to her resume ! - Julia in TN with Lady
Max is an amazing dog , not only in temperament but in appearance . He is  wonderful with children and other dogs! We are so blessed to have him in our family! - Heidi with Max in Vermont 
I found you on the AKC website under reputable breeders! I have been so pleased with the care and expert information that you have shared with me with my Maggie . Your facility/home raised breeding of champion Labs is outstanding ! Not only is Maggie a smart and beautiful puppy that above and beyond met my expectations , I have been thrilled over my experience with purchasing an EXCELLENT Lab puppy !! I have especially enjoyed all that you have taught me and I think you are a one of a kind breeder of show dogs & pets. My Maggie is getting compliments everywhere she goes ... its the breeding of your dogs! You do things right and in the spirit of excellence !! So thankful for my best four legged friend & thank you Victoria ! This was the best experience !! Love her!! She is spoiled rotten of course but trained well at 9 months old now & huge!!! - Tracy with Maggie in Oklahoma
Shaddo has been a great addition for our family . He has grown into a very sweet, loving puppy with a lot of energy which our kids have very much fun with. He is a handsome fellow inside and out . We couldn't be happier! - Kim & Brian with Shaddo in Texas
As my journey began looking for the perfect Lab. I was sent to Victoria's Labradors . Our family is blessed to have the privilege of having Mollie in our loving home . I searched for 6 months before finding Victoria's Labradors on her website . Mollie is a beautiful black puppy . She is loyal , very well behaved , and has adjusted to living with us very easily .She has the best temperament , is playful , and loving . I'm from south Alabama and constantly get compliments on what a great looking puppy she is , all of these things are a testament of what a great breeding line Victoria has . Victoria is super sweet and has always answered any text or phone call from me and my wife . She also provides a safe , healthy , loving environment . Our family can't thank Victoria enough for all the joy and happiness that she has brought to our family .  - Johnny and Samantha with Mollie in Alabama